Our Projects

We promote sustainable approaches that address poverty and health in rural communities of Uganda. We work with rural people to enable them initiate activities that lead to the attainment of healthier and quality lives through undertaking community initiatives that advance economic and social progress in a systematic and sustainable manner. We put emphasis on learning, actions and practices to achieve transformational economic, environmental and social changes required for sustainable development. We believe every individual’s abilities can be nurtured and enhanced with the right information and tools.

Over the last twelve years, we have maintained our commitment of giving a service to rural communities focusing on agriculture, health, income and food security targeting rural women and youth. We currently implement the following projects:

Saving and credit program

This promotes saving and credit approaches as a vehicle to poverty reduction. Implemented in four sub-counties of Isingiro district in Western region of the country, the program builds capacity of 120 women and youth groups in saving and credit approaches. Focus is laid on access and utilization of credit for enterprise development and business establishment. The program is one of the strategies to experiment that saving and credit schemes are a proven potential for financial solution to people with low income levels especially women and youth.

Rural healthcare support and income enhancement project

The project aims at empowering and strengthening Village Heath Teams (VHTs) in Birere sub-county – Isingiro district; with skills and tools of health care provision, delivery and utilization. This is because, the rural population faces many barriers in accessing the formal health-care system, such as inadequate health information, the absence of health-care facilities in their communities, lack of skilled staff at the primary-care level and the high costs of medical care. Yet, poor health is considered as one of the most important factors pushing households into poverty and destitution.

Farm production and household income enhancement project

Implemented in two sub-counties of Isingiro district namely: Nyamuyanja and Birere, the project aimed at increasing farm yields at household level focusing on organic farming, crop specialization, enterprise development, marketing and saving and credit practices. Reaching over 1,800 participants with 70% women, the project enriched and enhanced capacities and abilities of women to attain sustainable better yields in terms of quality and quantity resulting in food security and increased income.