Rural Health Promotion and Poverty Alleviation Initiative (RUHEPAI) is a Registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) number S.5914/5624 since 2005 mandated to operate nationwide in Uganda – East Africa. We train, mentor, equip, empower and nurture rural young girls, teen mums, adolescent girls and boys, rural women farmers, village health teams and local councilors affected by human injustices particularly poverty, diseases, climate change and domestic violence to become self-reliant and attain a path to fullness through their own participation. Focus is on Healthcare Support and Advocacy with emphasis on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Agriculture Advancement and Climate Action, Gender and Women Leadership and Skills Transfer and Mentorship.

Communities enjoying improved livelihoods and empowered to transform their environments.

Committed to serve less privileged communities in Uganda through health and economic empowerment of women and youth to attain transformed livelihoods through their own participation.

Our Focus:

  • Healthcare Support and Advocacy
  • Agriculture Advancement and Climate Action
  • Gender and Women Leadership
  • Skills Transfer and Mentorship

Our Values:

  • Participation of the people we serve!
  • Mentoring of our target group (women and youth)!
  • Passion to work with the less privileged!
  • Commitment to reach out to communities (women and youth)!